Finally Saw The Artist, Annihilation, Price Check, The Good Place

November 15, 2018

We're back with an especially late spoooooky Halloween episode! Sit tight because we've got nearly two hours of pure nonsense with a heavy dose of bullshit. We talk The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Tinashe's stint on Dancing with the Stars, Latrice Royale, the horrifying truth of plantar fasciitis, and so much more. And don't forget to chime in so we can finally put to rest our age old debate on which is funnier: burps versus farts. Oh and P.S. ---major spoilers ahead!

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Finally Saw Everything Sucks, Haunted, Deidra and Laney Rob A Train

November 4, 2018

Helluurrrrrr! We're back with another episode in our true "this episode is very late" fashion. Skyler took the opportunity to dump a freckton of movies he's watched since the last episode, while Carol Ann keeps it simple with two great Netflix originals.

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Finally Saw Pitch Perfect 3, Justice League, Adam Ruins Everything, Key and Peele

October 21, 2018

Hieee babieeees! Welcome to Finally Saw where we tell you the movies and TV that's worth the time and what's a waste of time, often years after its release! Skyler finally found his superhero groove while Carol Ann ruins acapella! Settle in because this episode is JAM PACKED with bullshit to get through - gay cowboys, straight cowboys, drag, more drag, and umm ...cowboys! Let us know what you finally saw!

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Finally Saw Sierra Burgess is a Loser, Three Identical Strangers, Book Club, The Dragon Prince, Disenchantment

October 11, 2018

Hey y'all! We're back with another episode of Finally Saw to tell you what's worth the time and what's a waste of time. This time we've got a couple of animated series, a documentary, an old lady movie, and (surprise!) another teen movie! Give it a listen and let us know what you thought of any of the movies and/or TV shows we discussed this week. Drop us a line and tell us what you Finally Saw and if it was worth the wait! Have a suggestion for what we should finally see for ourselves? Or maybe just show us some love!

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Finally Saw At Home with Amy Sedaris, Only Yesterday: The Carpenters Story, To the Beat!, UnReal

September 30, 2018

Hey y'all! Things have been movin' and shakin' over here so once again we're a little behind (shocking!)... but here we are with a brand new episode for your ear holes! Carol Ann has a love affair with the Carpenters and Skyler has a love affair with Amy Sedaris! Who doesn't love The Carpenters and Amy Sedaris? Idiots, that's who. Also, Skyler took a ride on the Carol Ann train by watching a terrible movie while Carol Ann finally got on the Skyler train and watched the first season of UnReal! Be sure to write and let us know what you finally saw!

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Finally Saw A Netflix Original’s Teen Movie Marathon, American Vandal, Hereditary

September 15, 2018

Hey y'all! We're back to let you know what's worth the time and what's a waste of time. Carol Ann did the heavy lifting with a Netflix Original's teen movie marathon while Skyler dipped into mockumentary territory. Weigh in on Carol Ann's ranking of the 6 movies she watched and let us know what the last best horror movie you saw was. Oh, and don't forget to vote for which is funnier: burps or farts!

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Finally Saw Hurricane Bianca 2, Lore, Murder on the Orient Express, Set it Up

September 6, 2018

Welcome to Finally Saw! A podcast about two friends coming together to talk about shit they've been meaning to watch that they finally done watched. This week Carol Ann decided to stay on the bad movie train and watched a bad movie about a train! Don't worry, she made sure to balance out the bad with another bad movie. A good bad movie. Skyler gets dark with a podcast turned Amazon Original and disapproves of Pete Davidson's novel idea to play a gay character as a straight Pete Davidson *eye roll* (shout out to Adam Pally for doing a better job of that 7 years ago in Happy Endings). We tell you what's worth the time and what's a waste of time, so listen up to find out what we done Finally Saw!

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Finally Saw On My Block, Steven Universe, The Hot Chick, (Finally Read) In the Country We Love by Diane Guerrero

August 28, 2018

Hieeeeee! We know, we know, it's been forever since our last upload and we're SORRY! Okay??! It's been a crazy busy summer, and we had better things to do (like hang out with Guy Branum!). Things are finally starting to slow down, and we promise we'll be back with another pod before you know it! This week Skyler makes a move to complete his Anna Faris quest and falls in love with a cartoon that EVERYONE should watch! Steven Universe is basically his new form of therapy, and if you find yourself in a rut, or just need a good, heartwarming show that will give you all the feels, definitely give this ep a listen to find out why Steven Universe is worth the watch. Carol Ann surprises us all by reading a book! Who knew she could read?? Find out why Diane Guerrero's book will also give you all the feels and is heartbreakingly topical for these devastating times. Definitely worth the read. She also gets into a Netflix original about teens, race, sex, gangs, and the inner city of South Cental Los Angeles. Give this ep a listen to find out why On My Block is worth the watch.

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Finally Saw Game Over, Man! The Emoji Movie, Aggretsuko, Bright

August 11, 2018

Hello Dahlings! It's been approximately one hundred billion years since your two best besties sat down to record an ep, but here we are to deliver the goods! Carol Ann is back from her trip around the world, and Skyler is... still at home where he had been the entire time. Staying right on brand, Carol Ann watched two garbage movies. One that is definitely not worth the watch, but the other sounds like a true terribly wonderful gem. Skyler watched about a billion things while Carol Ann was away, and has some rave reviews for a TV show and a movie that everyone should watch. No Seriously, Hollywood, watch this movie because THIS is how you do gay jokes without being cheap, offensive, or just plain not funny. Give it up to the Workaholic guys and be sure to check their new movie out! But not before listening to this podcast. To all our fans, we love you very, very much, and we want you to know that we're back on schedge to keep bringing you a new ep each and every week. Listen to us so you can know what's a waste of time and what's worth the time. Love y'all!

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...Is there anybody out there?


Finally Saw Love, Simon, Alex Strangelove, Sens8 Season 2, Queer Eye Season 2, 100% Hotter, Star Wars The Last Jedi

July 13, 2018

We're back at it breaking down all the movies and television to let you know what's worth the time and what's a waste of time. This week the roles have reversed! Skyler has some pure trash you should definitely skip (unless you're the type who loves to watch a train wreck) while Carol Ann brings the grade A entertainment! Why don't you take the time to finally watch this week's picks and let us know what you thought?

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